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Aurora is evolving!  We have contributions from a growing number of collectors, gemmologists, miners and jewellers wolrdwide as well as having strong ties to the mining community of Lightning Ridge, N.S.W, Australia.  We import only quality opal and gem material for use in the jewellery industry, and only from verified and trusted sources.  We do not ever buy newly mined stock of conflict or other unethically produced gemstones.

We are now appointed as sellers for a number of miners, gem cutters and lapidarists and more stock is constantly being added.  If you wish to join our team of gem suppliers please contact me for further information.

We also act as appointed agents for estate and jewellers inventory disposals offering a discreet and sensitive service-email or call for more details.

If you need any advice please do not hesitate to get in touch; we are always happy to help. If there is something you need in particular and you don't see it in the shop just contact us-we will track it down for you.

Carol Lane, founder of Aurora Opal and Gem has worked in the Gem and Jewellery industry for over 15 years, the last 10 of which she spent specialising in cutting Lightning Ridge opals.  She is trained in both fine jewellery fabrication and stone setting.


Apply for your trade account today by sending us a brief message requesting an application and we will send you an exclusive discount code.  

Membership of a recognised organisation is preferred but other proofs that you have a relevant business is also accepted.

Student discounts also available