Jewellery and Watch, 5 - 9 February 2017, NEC Birmingham - Day 2

February 07, 2017 Carol Lane

In the hope of catching a lull in the show I returned for my second trip to Jewellery and Watch 2017 held at the NEC, Birmingham.  No such luck!  The original plan-to whistle stop around the designer section and see who is using opal-quickly fell to pieces.

Not only was the Monday afternoon far busier with visitor numbers than I would have expected, but the number of exhibitors with fascinating insights and stories to tell is high this year.

One lady who caught our attention is Katarina Burghard of Kat B London, who is already using Australian opals in her collections and presents with a simple, yet elegant boutique:

A favourite piece of ours is Katarina's 'Dive Into The Night' Ring which demonstrates how well freeform cut opals can be worked into designs. :


That's it for today as it's nearly time to do it all again-hope to see you there and hey, who needs plans anyway?   

You can still register to visit Jewellery and Watch 2017 by clicking here or visit the page for further details.

More updates to come.




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