Jewellery and Watch, 5 - 9 February 2017, NEC Birmingham - Final Report

February 10, 2017 Carol Lane

After what seems like a very long but enjoyable and informative week, here is the last update and summary of our experience at Jewellery and Watch 2017. With so many exhibitors offering such a diverse range of products and services this year, it has been very difficult to choose what to highlight, but choose I must if this is not going to end up being a very long article indeed. There was no shortage of innovation from designers with so many eyecatching and unnusual ranges not least the offering by International exhibitor, Salvatore Perna who has created a beautiful anatomical...

Jewellery and Watch, 5 - 9 February 2017, NEC Birmingham - Day 2

February 07, 2017 Carol Lane

In the hope of catching a lull in the show I returned for my second trip to Jewellery and Watch 2017 held at the NEC, Birmingham.  No such luck!  The original plan-to whistle stop around the designer section and see who is using opal-quickly fell to pieces. Not only was the Monday afternoon far busier with visitor numbers than I would have expected, but the number of exhibitors with fascinating insights and stories to tell is high this year. One lady who caught our attention is Katarina Burghard of Kat B London, who is already using Australian opals in her...

Jewellery and Watch, 5 - 9 February 2017, NEC Birmingham - Day 1

February 05, 2017 Carol Lane

It was with a great deal of anticipation I attended the opening day of Jewellery & Watch held as part of the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. There has been much build-up to this years show, as it has been strongly promoted as having a new look and it certainly did not dissapoint.   It was heartening to see so many first time exhibitors, especially with such a strong presence among fledgling businesses and upcoming designers in the world of jewellery.   As can be expected there was also a great cross-section of well established manufacturing, design and tooling suppliers to the industry,...